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Understanding Teen Bullying!

Bullying is when a person dominates another person verbally, physically and/or socially.  Approximately 25% of American students regularly experience some form of bullying.  Therefore bullying should be addressed in a responsible manner by adults!  See the points below.

Signs & Effects of being Bullied- a sudden lack of desire to go to school, a downturn in academic performance, physical ailments (headaches, sleeping problems, stomach issues), anxiety about engaging in social functions with peers, unexplained change in walking/transportation routes.   

Common Motives of Bullies - an attempt to attain social status and recognition, an attempt to divert attention away from their own insecurities, an attempt to pass on the pain of their own experiences.

Ways to Resolve Bullying Issues -  correct the bully and console the bullied separately, quickly expose the bullying issues to the appropriate authorities, discourage teens from joining in on group bullying, encourage "socially stronger" teens to accompany vulnerable teens in unsupervised areas (if necessary).   

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