About T4TT

Tips 4 Touching Teens is a comprehensive publication that empowers adults to effectively engage teenagers.  The publication provides in-depth information on key teen issues, gives relevant teen statistics, answers tough questions as well as recommends positive entertainment options for teens!  This publication is is distributed in schools, businesses and religious institutions!   

Facts about the T4TT Publication: 

  • A publication of Operation Link-Up, Inc. (Chicago, IL USA)
  • Print and Digital Circulation since 2008
  • Monthly Print and Digital Editions - 9 editions per year

Each Edition features the following sections:

  • Recommended Listening & Viewing
  • Did You Know?
  • An Informative Main Article
  • 411 For Issues
  • It's Worth Repeating
  • Questions & Answers
  • What's Happening

Our publication is a relevant empowerment resource:

  • Parents refer to our publication as a helpful resource in raising their teens.  
  • Educators provide our print editions to their students as an empowerment tool.  
  • Religious Leaders provide our publication to their parishioners.
  • Youth Workers use our publication to help them to reach their youth groups.

Get Involved with  the Tips 4 Touching Teens Publication: 

  • Sign-Up to receive our monthly edition (mail or e-mail)  
  • Distribute our publication at your school, business or religious institution. 
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Dad's Make the Difference - Many teenagers are a "dad away" from success! Here are five things that dad's can do to affirm their teenagers.


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We receive weekly messages from teens and parents about difficult issues that they are working through. Click the button below to join the discussion.  You may also submit your questions to: questions@tfttnews.com