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Issues Between My Son and Husband

Dear Tips 4 Touching Teens,

Hello.  I'm a new bride, but there is already trouble in paradise.  The trouble is not between me and my new husband, it's between my son and my new husband.  Every since we got married five months ago my son has been extremely disrespectful toward me and my husband.  He has been saying that there is not enough room for two men in the house!  What?  The last I checked there was only one man, my husband, and a sixteen year old high school boy, my son!!!  He and my husband almost came to blows last week over something trivial and stupid.  I need help and prayer.

Stuck In The Middle


Dear Stuck In The Middle,

If your son had to assume "man of the house" responsibilities prior to your marriage this issue has to be sensitively addressed.  Boys (no matter how young) often take a protector role toward their moms (especially if no husband is present).  Therefore, it can be very difficult for them to adjust to "another man" in the house.  Ask your son to explain his grievances and concerns to you and attempt to address them objectively.  Then lay down rules of respect that you will require from him toward you, your husband and your marriage.  Show him that the Word of God requires him to honor his parents.  Then encourage your husband to take the time to build a healthy relationship with your son by taking a dialogue approach rather than an authoritarian approach (if possible).  This household adjustment will take a little work, patience and persistence.  However, remember that all things are possible!

Rev. Titus Lee    

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